What Are Junk Bonds, And Why Did We Decide To Invest In One?

Today, we wanted to give you an introduction to bond investing, and in particular, Junk Bonds, also know as High-Yield Bonds. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been looking for ways to diversify our portfolio a bit more from being almost entirely equities (stocks). That is why we started to research bonds.

Surprisingly, even though there is a lot of general information about bonds and investing in bond mutual funds and ETFs, I wasn’t able to come across anyone who was investing in individual offerings, so hopefully this is a helpful post to a lot of you. Continue reading “What Are Junk Bonds, And Why Did We Decide To Invest In One?”

Financial Introduction

I thought I’d start these financial posts with an overview of where we’re at and where we came from.

My wife and I came into adulthood in the early 2000s when credit was flowing freely. Regularly, we’d get credit card offers with 0% interest and no payments for a year. Getting a home loan only required stating your income and not actually having to prove anything. It was a great time to justify getting yourself way in over your head with debt.

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Welcome to the Money Brain!

Welcome to The Money Brain, a site for people with money on the brain!

This blog is an attempt to help others and myself improve our relationship with money. I plan on being open and transparent about the strategies I take and the moves that I make. I’ll let you know what went right and what went oh so horribly wrong! I’ll give you glimpses into our past, and we’ll look into my family’s future plans. I hope we can help others while we make this journey.

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