2017 Q3 Investments Report

Each quarter, we’d like to give an overall summary of our investment results…it forces us to confront the good and the bad. The results will show performance based on the end of that quarter for the trailing twelve months. Below are our results for the third quarter of 2017. If you want to see more of these reports, click here.

2017 Q3 Investments Summary

PeriodStarting AmountInvestment Deposits / ReturnsROI TTM% Overall ChangeTotal Investment
2017 Q2$47,739.09$25,147.9415.35%52.68%$72,887.03
2017 Q3$50,517.13$25,608.4713.95%50.69%$76,125.60


Overall, we’re pretty happy with the results for this quarter. Just under 14% isn’t too bad. It’s a bit less than last quarter, but the market was pretty flat through the summer until about mid-September.

Growth overall of 50% of our account value was nice to see as well. Now that our debt is mostly paid off, we might be able to spike that value up a bit in the short term. It will most likely fall after that as the size of the account increases.

We continue to max out our Roth IRA accounts each year, and the goal is to increase our 401(k) deductions from 3% to the maximum at some point ($18,500 a year).

Key Investments During the Period

During this last quarter, we didn’t change much in regards to our investments. Mostly we just continued to hold what we have and reinvest the dividends. The biggest change is that we took about $5,000 and invested it in our first ever Junk Bond at the end of August. So far that has gone well, and it has made its first interest payment to our account.

Currently, our five largest stock holdings by dollar amount listed as SYMBOL (share count) are: FB (75), NRZ (525), LC (1,000), HBI (225), and GME (230). This section has actually shrunk in value over the last year as we’ve actively worked to diversify.

We are withholding 3% in our 401(k). We don’t get any matching from my employer, so we prioritize the Roth IRAs over investing in the 401(k) at this point. We plan on increasing this withholding as our budget permits or when/if we receive any raises.


We hope this summary of our investment activities has been useful and informative. Now that you all know what we’re up to, what types of investments are you looking at?

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