Financial Introduction

I thought I’d start these financial posts with an overview of where we’re at and where we came from.

My wife and I came into adulthood in the early 2000s when credit was flowing freely. Regularly, we’d get credit card offers with 0% interest and no payments for a year. Getting a home loan only required stating your income and not actually having to prove anything. It was a great time to justify getting yourself way in over your head with debt.

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Welcome to the Money Brain!

Welcome to The Money Brain, a site for people with money on the brain!

This blog is an attempt to help others and myself improve our relationship with money. I plan on being open and transparent about the strategies I take and the moves that I make. I’ll let you know what went right and what went oh so horribly wrong! I’ll give you glimpses into our past, and we’ll look into my family’s future plans. I hope we can help others while we make this journey.

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