Welcome to the Money Brain!

Welcome to The Money Brain, a site for people with money on the brain!

This blog is an attempt to help others and myself improve our relationship with money. I plan on being open and transparent about the strategies I take and the moves that I make. I’ll let you know what went right and what went oh so horribly wrong! I’ll give you glimpses into our past, and we’ll look into my family’s future plans. I hope we can help others while we make this journey.

Some other financial blogs that inspired me to create a blog and tell my own story are:
Financial Samuraiwww.financialsamurai.com
Lend Academywww.lendacademy.com
Mr. Money Mustachewww.mrmoneymustache.com
Million Dollar Journeywww.milliondollarjourney.com
Freedom Thirty Five Blogwww.freedomthirtyfiveblog.com

I highly recommend visiting these sites as well to gain some additional unique perspectives on financial matters.

Plan on future posts every week or so. They’ll typically be on topics related to money, stocks, investing, cost-cutting, etc. I’ll also start giving monthly updates on our path towards financial independence.

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